The new Lara Croft won't be a 'female Batman'

Rhianna Pratchett, the writer of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot and daughter of top fantasy author Terry Pratchett, has been speaking about how she's tried to update such an iconic character without losing what made her popular in the first place.

"I particularly wanted to bring back the humanity of the character, her warmth, empathy, friendship, and more human qualities," she told VG247. "Because I think as old Lara has evolved, she has become more of a female Batman. The more heroic and teflon-coated you get, the harder it is to relate to that character, so we wanted to go back to her human side. There's still a lot of old Lara's background in place, so we've carefully interwoven our new stuff in there."

It's been almost fifteen years since Lara Croft first jumped into action back in the ground-breaking original Tomb Raider game. Since then the character has starred in nine games and two blockbuster movies, with Angelina Jolie playing the plummy English adventurer.

But the new game sweeps all of that away and starts over fresh, with a young Lara stranded on a remote island populated by ruthless bandits and dangerous wildlife. She'll be responsible for keeping fellow survivors safe, and we'll see her grow from terrified young woman to confident survivalist over the course of the tale.

Tomb Raider will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 5th next year.

Published: 10/10/2012

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