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Tomb Raider Reboot to Bring us the Lara "everyone's been waiting for"

Tomb Raider brand manager Karl Stewart has reassured fans that while the upcoming reboot of the long-running series will start with a fairly gruelling series of trials for the young Lara Croft to overcome, the later stages of the game will reveal the aspects of the character we know and love.

"As she comes out the other side she's stronger for it," Stewart said of the brutal opening, which finds Lara chased and captured by leering bandits. "It's not purposefully going out of the way to break her down mentally - she'd never become the person we want her to. Every single twist or turn makes you feel like we're setting up motivation for her to become the character we want."

"You'll see a side to Lara that everyone's been waiting for," he added.

However, developer Crystal Dynamics isn't going to all this trouble just to bring her back to the exact same character introduced in 1996. "She will be set up for the future," Stewart explains, "but she still won't be like the Lara at beginning of Tomb Raider 1."

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