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Batman still hasn't uncovered all of Arkham City's secrets

Even after seven months on sale, players still haven't found all of the secrets and Easter eggs hidden among the grim streets of Arkham City, developer Rocksteady has revealed.

The British studio hid lots of references to Batman lore in its sprawling openworld superhero adventure, and some were discovered incredibly quickly. ""Some of them we put in there that were really obscure were found within a week," the game's director, Sefton Hill, told audiences at the Kapow! Comic Con in London. A secret lair for Scarecrow was just one of these teasers that fans cracked almost immediately. "We didn't think anyone would ever solve that," said Hill, "but it only took people two days."

However, there are still a few mysteries to be solved, for those with detective aspirations. "There are still three or four things that people haven't seen - some of them very subtle things," Hill told the crowd. "There's one that we had right in one of the first demos that we did that nobody has found - it's in there if you look hard enough."

Don't worry if you haven't got started on this fantastic comic book caper yet. It's out now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and there'll be a Game of the Year edition, including all the game's downloadable content, due in the Autumn.

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