Shaun the Sheep 3D shorts coming to Nintendo Video

Nintendo 3DS owners will be receiving weekly doses of fluffy fun with exclusive new Shaun the Sheep shorts from March 7th 2012 onwards.

Award-winning Wallace & Gromit creator Aardman Animations are teaming up with Nintendo to create brand new 3D clips based on its popular kids' TV show, which will be distributed via the Nintendo Video service.

The first film will see Shaun and his farmyard friends heading to the countryside for a picnic, with a total of 15 new shorts to be available for download over the next few months.

Aardman co-founder David Sproxton said: "To be contributing to something as innovative as the Nintendo 3DS from the very outset is an extraordinary experience for us."

The Nintendo Video app is available for free at the Nintendo eShop and works using the console's SpotPass wireless connectivity feature, which means content is automatically downloaded to the system when it enters a compatible wireless zone.

Over the last year, the application has featured 3D movie trailers, Sky 3D previews, Zelda orchestral music performances, Kirby animations and much more.

Published: 20/02/2012

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