Call of Duty XP Weekend

Call of Duty XP Event

In LA history is about to made as Activision hosts the first, in what should be a long running event; The Call of Duty XP Event!

Call of Duty has become such a worldwide phenomenon that it can now attract people from around the world to a single location. The Location in question houses two enormous aircraft hangers and a huge exterior full of CoD related activities.

The aircraft hangers house a stage with space for thousands to watch Activision deliver their welcoming speech and then be used by Infinity Ward and Treyarch to deliver speeches and interact with their fans.

But it's the other hanger that is garnering the attention, the hanger that has thousands of Xbox 360 consoles, some are running Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, some Call of Duty Black Ops and some are running one of the contenders for Game of the Year before it's even launched... Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

XP Weekend marks the official unveiling of the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer, which will also be the host for a One Million Dollar tournament! The teams for this have come from all over the world, some professional, some just friends, but however they got here, these guys can play!

It's a knock out tournament, with the final eight teams being the ones who will walk away with prize money, with in the tournament there are three teams from the UK, Infinity, Apex and Infused.

Not only did we have all those Xbox 360 to play on, Activision had gone to town on some other amusements for us too:

The Pit
Modern Warfare 2 training level is brought to life as gamers get to test their speed and accuracy as there shoot targets whilst trying to get the fastest time. I will add here that it was paintball guns used and not Live ammo.

Paintball on Scrapyard
You may know the map with a controller in hand but when you stepped into the real Scrapyard it really was a nerve wracking experience! Scrapyard is a fan favourite and playing Domination Paintball was an amazing experience.

Zip Line
If you had a head for heights then you could go down the zipline. Some looked right at home hurtling toward the ground, but others looked truly terrified!

Juggernaut Sumo
It's exactly as it sounds! Put on the massive padded suits and Sumo fight, this was the area that possibly got the biggest laughs as friends went to-to-toe and settle the biggest question, who is the better Juggernaut Sumo Wrestler.

Check out the real life weapons of Call of Duty! Thankfully there were sealed behind glass and wire, so no worries about people trying to take one as an extra souvenir of the weekend.

Survival is the new addition to Spec Ops mode, like it's Treyarch brother Zombies, you'll face wave after wave of enemies that will get harder with each round. Only difference is they can fire back and there is only two of you!

King of the Hill
Think your man enough to become king of the Hill, then grab your controller and go against all others as you try to prove you are the King.

Using the recently released Rezurrection pack, players could team up see how far they could go against the zombie hordes on the Moon using new weapons.

Just a routine trip in the latest JEEP, until you come across a burnt out car and go speeding around an assault course with explosions and gun fire sounding off in your ears! And that's before you get dragged out the car and get taken around a dark building with some marines as the enemy shoots at you!

Burger Town
Hungry? Then head over to Burger town and grab yourself a bite to eat, you could even be served by the Burgerman himself!

Joe's VS Pro's
Real American heroes take on some of CoD's finest in this virtual battle for supremacy. Would the tactical veterans be able to take on the fast fingers/p>

So to say there was a fair bit to do would be an understatement.

But before anyone could get a controller or Paintball gun in hand, we sat and waited for Activision to deliver their Speech. The Speech itself was all about thanking the fans for their support and loyalty over the years that the Call of Duty series had been running. Eric Hirshberg delivered some random, but interesting facts such as there have been more shots fired in Call of Duty than there are stars in the Milky Way...that's a lot!

He went on to talk about the Call of Duty Endowment which is a non-profit foundation created by Activision Blizzard to help U.S. military veterans find employment. Call of Duty Endowment has already helped many U.S Veterans around the world, but at the XP weekend, Eric Hirshberg declared that all ticket money would be going to the CoD Endowment.

Next Eric spoke about a little group who had created a live action CoD, and when Activision called them to say congratulations, they thought the Lawyers would knocking next. What Activision really wanted to do was fund them for a sequel, "Operation Kingfisher".

The short film featured some well known characters and had a high production values as proven with the AC-130 bombarding people from the sky!

Next out on stage was Robert Bowling and Michael Condrey. Both were excited and eager to start laying everything out for the fans, which they did. They explained how Modern Warfare 2 had moved away from the gunplay that made Modern Warfare 1 the game that it, and Modern Warfare 3 was going to change all that!
Modern Warfare 3 would focus more on the gunplay and to make life easier for new comers Kill Streaks would be changed into Strike Packages. This meant, depending on the Strike Package you choose to go with you you could die and your package would not get reset.

Elite was also elaborated on during the duos time on stage an d they explained how you can join groups with in Elite, so favorite sports teams, schools etc... to find players who share common interests. Also talked about was the Elite App, which would allow you to access your elite details on the go and even alter your load-out read for when you get home.

All in all, the speeches were exciting, with the speakers just as pumped as the crowd. But after what felt like 5 minutes we were invited to proceed through to the other hangar where we could then head outside for Paintball or go hands on with the game that all these people were here to see... Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3!

Published: 29/09/2011

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