Dom Speaks up about Gears of War 3

Carlos FerroDom speaks up about Gears of War 3

We got to sit down with Carlos Ferro, the man behind the voice of Dominic Santiago, heartbroken COG who has nothing left to fight for except humanity and the Brothers who have stuck by him until the end.

You have a great pedigree when it comes to Voice work with some major franchises under your belt. Did you approach Dom differently to any of the other roles that you have done?

Yeah, with Dom I've been very fortunate Carlos Ferro in Dominic Santiago and after three games now there's a lot of Dominic Santiago in Carlos Ferro. I find myself using 'sup b*tches and a bunch of game catchphrases.

Really what's amazing about Dom is that Epic, I've said many times, have written the book on collaborating with the actors and allow us to bring our personalities to the project.

And with Dom he was levity in the first game, he was very emotional in the second game. Not emo so much, just very concerned, I've said the emotional centre of the game. But in the third game they're all in it for the species, you know to save Humanity.

It's a different approach than playing a historical figure or a well known figure or a fictional superhero, I mean I do a lot of animation as well and usually it's all on the script, the good thing about Dom is that there's a lot of me in him.

You say there is a lot of you in Dom, did you get involved with any of the motion capture, so face and body, or did you just provide your Voice for Dom's Character?

Absolutely, in fact the Maria scene, the finding Maria Scene in Gears of War 2 is all my own Motion Capture. And at that time they were doing multiple camera and facial recognition and we were recording with facial recognition software, so yeah there is a lot of me in Dom!

How did you get the part of Dom Santiago in Gears of War?

Gears of War was another acting job. At the time I was auditioning for different game properties, I'd already worked in gaming on other platforms; there were many Xbox games actually.

And there were going to launch this new console that was going to change everything, the Xbox 360, and it's one of those things where everything will fall into place and I was very lucky, I'm the first one to say it.

And it took off, as we know, as gamers and fans of games they are good games and they just don't have that following, for whatever reason no one can ever predict it, but I was lucky.

Dom's character has been through a lot, like the death of his wife Maria in Gears 2. Did you ever want change the events that affected Dom?

You Know, it's treating it like an action job, and whatever's on the page is on the stage. I want to go where the writers take me and where we're trying to get in the game play, and so forth.

There are options for how things can turn out, but in the grand scheme of things Dom's story is not a happy one really. It's very sad, I've told Cliff Blezinski last week that I've been saying, and this is my opinion not Epic or Microsoft, that Santiago Family if you've read Karen Travis' Novels, the comics and kept up on the universe of Gears of War, the Santiago Family are a perfect metaphor for a military families.

I don't want to bring the room down but really the Santiago Family has given everything literally and metaphorically to save Humanity and to, fight the good fight if you will. So no if it was written the way it was written I was in, I didn't say "Hey guys come on can't Maria be okay, can't she be a cocktail waitress on a Locust Barge!"

I really wanted it to be legit, for it to just be real.

So this is the last Gears of the current Trilogy, as far as I'm aware Epic have never ruled out returning to Gears.

Yeah, Cliff said it's a big universe.

Are you sad to this part come to an end?

I'm not sad, it's not bittersweet yet! I'm sure it will get there, because it has been a really wonderful and amazing experience. And I love the fans, I came to the UK because, (London) this is one of my favourite cities in the world and there is so much passion in the fans, in London in particular, and in England.

Right now I'm still enjoying it, but I'm sure there will come a time where perhaps there will be another story being told and I'm not involved, it'll be like "Man, you know where's Dom, where's Marcus?", where I miss these characters, but I think it's wonderful there is a trilogy. That we told stories and they ended.

Did you expect Gears to become the success that it has become?

No, nobody did. It was a big surprise, it really was.

Are you a big Gears player yourself?

I'm a huge Gears fan, that's why I'm here. This is something that I wanted to do. I could have been in Los Angeles with the rest of the cast, the entire cast is in LA, and Cliff and Rob are in New York.

I've been lobbying to come to London for months, I wanted to be with my people, I'm a fan and I wanted to be with people who get excited like they did at GAME on Oxford Street.

Do you have any good Tips for playing as Dom in Gears of War 3?

In Gears 3... uh yeah, look out in Horde 2.0 for this new kind of Ticker that spits, because Dom doesn't respond well to it.

Thank you very much for your time

Published: 19/09/2011

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