What are the perks of the job?

The chosen gaming influencer, apart from a platform to showcase their skills, will also receive:


Monthly salary

for three months

Xbox Series X Console

The newest console

from Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

An all-inclusive pass to Xbox for 12 months

12 Month

BELONG and GAME Elite membership

What is a gaming influencer?

The gaming influencer we choose will live and breathe all things gaming - skilled on Xbox and PC and in-the-know for all new releases and rumours. They will also need to know exactly how to keep an online audience engaged as the face of gaming for GAME.

The winner will get to take advantage of the Xbox Series X’s powerful features, including 4K and streaming and recording, to develop thrilling content to promote some of GAME’S biggest upcoming releases. Their content will be shared across our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels to a combined audience of almost 1.5 million!

What will they be doing?

The winner will be creating showstopping, engaging content for GAME to promote some of the most exciting new releases from Microsoft over the next three months.

This could be social posts, vlogs, blogs - you name it. And yes, you’ll get paid to do it! As well as a salary, the chosen gamer will win an Xbox series X console, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and more.

Who is our ideal influencer?

Our finalists selected are all Xbox and PC streamers and are in with the chance of being the face of gaming for GAME.

They are:

  • Obsessed with creating content
  • Charismatic and able to keep an audience hooked
  • Knowledgeable about the kind of content gaming fans want to see
  • Inclusive and empowering in your content creation



Tazziii is a content creator and esports host. Driven by a love of gaming, she’s all about immersing in the community through any form of entertaining content.

Tazziii is all about adding her personality into her content. “For me, content stands out when it’s genuine and brings someone’s own perspective or flare to it. I want to make content that people can keep coming back to by focusing on creating an environment that they enjoy being in.”

Gaming is a lifelong passion… “gaming has been a part of my life since before I could walk and it’s going to continue, so naturally, I’m always going to share content involving gaming. My Mum always tells me I find a way to involve gaming in everything.”

For Tazziii winning the competition would give her the time to work on making the best content possible, “Other than the obvious exposure and opportunities that it will bring, the biggest thing for me is the fact it gives me the opportunity to completely focus on making gaming content for three months. Plus, well if I win I get an Xbox Series X, honestly I’m already imagining opening it, it might sound weird but I can already smell that new console smell and am mentally planning an unboxing video.”

Meet our finalists


Meet DxGtv, a self-professed “daddy by day, gamer by night”.

DxGtv would love to have hit over 1,000,000 subscribers and have a thriving streaming channel all built around positivity in gaming and a community that stands together. “Content needs to be connecting; audiences need to feel that they are part of it, in the room with you, on your journey, your quest!... Think of it (my channel) like a DxGtv home for all of my followers, a safe place, a bit of escapism where you are part of the DxGtv family”

Winning is about more than the title for DxGtv, for him it would ‘show anyone what you can do if you love what you do and are passionate about it. I’m not the youngest gamer in the world, granted, but what a super awesome message for everyone to keep doing what you love!’

Matt Heyhoe

Matt Heyhoe is an avid gamer with a love for streaming and his online community. He adds something unique to his content with the sound effects created for his Twitch channel.

“For content to stand out, I think you really have to create some sort of ‘unique selling point’ that can separate you from the many others. As an example, when I am creating live content on Twitch, I often use voice changers/soundboards to add a little extra drama, tension or comedy to whatever has just happened!”

Matt is passionate about making content around topics he loves which is the drive behind his sports content. “I am more enthusiastic about the things I love and that transfers into much higher quality and entertaining content for the audience!”

Being part of the search for the next gaming influencer is as much about the other contestants as it is about winning for Matt. “I’m hugely grateful to have been selected for the final five, and I’m really excited to see what content we all create and it will be great fun to work and compete alongside them in the coming weeks — If I was to win, I would be able to produce even more content and branch out into even more games/genres.”

Memory Card Full

Reece Spice is the man behind Memory Card Full where he creates content and streams around all types of games from big names to small indie releases.

Reece started streaming as a hobby and his love for gaming is what still fuels his content. He also finds the greatest value in sharing his passion with other people, “I just try to create a happy and safe space for people to come hang out, where I’ll be as interactive as possible with anyone and everyone who comes to watch and if they leave with a smile or I have made them laugh then I have done my job and they often come back for more.”

For Reece winning the competition would allow him to help turn his passion into a career.“The boost from Xbox and GAME would be unbelievable and would allow me to spend even more time perfecting the craft of streaming and content creation, pushing me into my dream of being a full-time content creator. The sky would be the limit with both of these backing you.”

Best Nerd Life

Committed entirely to living a nerdy life to the fullest, Jamie Depledge creates gaming content weekly and is committed to bringing his design and animation skills to great content about games, tech and events.

Jamie believes that being a good content creator is about reviewing the value that you bring to your audience. “You’ve got to balance between being your own biggest critic and actually having fun. I’m trying my best to balance those two things and create the best value for my viewer’s time as I can. They are nice enough to watch my videos, so the least I can do is keep them entertained.”

If he won the competition he would want to use the boost to help others through his gaming - “Getting a boost from Xbox and GAME would be an amazing thing. For a long time, I’ve wanted to do a gaming marathon challenge to raise money for charity through something like GameBlast or Macmillan Game Heroes, for example. I recently did a fundraiser for Movember and that was really fun. I’m also a fan of indie projects so I like the idea of helping to support them, and potentially introducing them to a wider audience.”

How will we choose our influencer?

To be in with a chance of becoming the next gaming influencer you must complete the following levels:


Level One Entries open:

16th November 2020

Interested? Enter via the form below. We want to be able to feel your passion through the screen. Tell us what makes you different and why you think you're the perfect person for this opportunity. Link us to your social media profiles so we can have a dig around and get to know you. Entries closed at 23:59 (GMT) on 18.12.20.

Level Two Shortlisting:

21st December 2020

GAME, Microsoft and Belong (and an independent judge) will review entries, and select a shortlist of five people. Entrants will be marked on knowledge, enthusiasm, versatility, representation and creativity.

BOSS Level The Tournament:

20th March 2021

If shortlisted, you’ll take part in a tournament, where you will be given a 30 minute slot on the official BELONG Twitch channel. Judges will be looking at how you perform, how you play and audience retention. You will choose one game from FIFA, Halo, Forza and Destiny to play within the stream.

Gaming Influencer Announced:

The winner has been chosen and Tazziii is our next gaming superstar! Read all about her here.