Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (PC)

This pack contains: Zoo Tycoon; Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs, Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania, Bonus – Endangered Species Theme Pack, Zoo Tycoon Strategy Guide and 12 additional animals and content only available at www.Zootycoon.com.

Zoo Tycoon - This place is a real zoo and you’re in charge! Go wild building the most fun and beautiful zoo you can imagine. Care for unpredictable and untamed animals – and those are just the guests. Plan wisely, if animals don’t like their food, environment or handling they interact poorly with visitors and fewer guests means less money. Play smart, keep everyone happy and you’ll become a Zoo Tycoon!

  • Ready, Set, Go! With an intuitive design and interactive tutorial Zoo Tycoon is easy to learn – so you’ll be put in the fun in no time.
  • Lots of fun! Create the ultimate zoo and reap big profits if you manage it well. Learn what it takes to make your animals and guests happy so you an be a top Zoo Tycoon.
  • Realistic Zoo Action Animals roam, rest and play while visitors explore the grounds, snap pictures, buy snacks and browse the gift shop. Build wisely, if you pick the wrong fence or don’t maintain your exhibits – you may find animals on the loose in your zoo.
  • Limitless Possibilities.With over 200 different types of animals, exhibits and building materials, Zoo Tycoon delivers all the content and fun needed to really get into building, managing and maintaining a zoo
  • Two Ways to Play.There’s something for everyone. Jump right in and start building a zoo or try the scenarios that start out easy and become increasingly more difficult.
  • Hone your Zoo Tycoon Skills More than a dozen different scenarios that start off easy and become more and more challenging.

Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs A wild way to make a living! The fun has evolved into prehistoric pandemonium as you add dinosaurs to your zoo! Zoo Keepers will be envious as you let your imagination run wild building the most vibrant and beautiful zoo with dinosaurs and ice age beasts. Manage these ferocious creatures while keeping your animals and guests happy and you will be a top Zoo Tycoon!


  • New building materials and staff members to enhance and beautify your zoo!Prehistoric themed buildings and attractions, tar pits, volcanoes, fortified electric fences and more
  • Why to buy:Players can let their imagination go wild with dinosaurs in a quest to create the ultimate zooPlayers can expand and enhance their zoos with fresh and exciting new contentFun and imaginative game play can be enjoyed by everyone
  • Dinosaurs for your Zoo!Features more than 20 awe-inspiring creatures including the T.Rex, Velociraptor and Sabre Toothed Cat.
  • Easy to start, easy to play:Seamlessly integrates with Zoo Tycoon, allowing you to begin playing the moment you start the game. An interactive tutorial teaches players how to build and manage a prehistoric zoo.
  • Challenging Gameplay:Six new scenarios will truly test your zoo management skills. Your ability to care for the dinosaurs will be the difference between your zoo going extinct or you becoming a Zoo Tycoon!

Zoo Tycoon Marine Mania (Add On) Ever wanted to add sharks, dolphins, killer whales and loads more sea creatures to your zoo? Well, now you can - with this new Zoo Tycoon expansion pack! And as well as looking after your aquatic menagerie, you can get your dolphins and killer whales to perform in shows. As well as new creatures and buildings, animals you already look after in Zoo Tycoon, like the polar bears, can also swim in the new tanks!

You'll get hours of fun out of these new aquatic additions to your zoo:

  • New animals and buildings - You can add more than 20 marine animals such as whales, sharks, dolphins, manta rays, sea otters and octopuses to your zoo. You can also build marine themed buildings and attractions such as boat rides and a shark tunnel. Your watery environments can be enhanced with 21 new underwater organisms including kelp, sea anemones, cool toys and coral reefs.
  • Let your dolphins and killer whales perform! - You can create your own customised killer whale and dolphin shows! Amaze audiences as your marine stars tail-walk, flip, spin, play with balls and perform other unique tricks!
  • Test your skills - New challenges will test your zoo-management skills: 10 marine specific scenarios challenge your ability to create and manage underwater exhibits while keeping guests from going for a swim with the sharks! New specialist staff members will help you to care for the animals properly.

Bonus – Endangered Species Theme Pack A dozen rare creatures like the komodo dragon, wild horse, and whale shark, 40 new objects and three scenarios!

Zoo Tycoon Strategy Guide (in English PDF format) Learn fascinating animal facts and how to design the ultimate zoo with this information guide.

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