Zelda True Wireless Earbuds (Audio)

Show your Legend of Zelda loyalty with these true wireless earbuds. These small, lightweight earpods deliver a rich and clear audio experience with deep bass, smooth mids and crystal-clear highs.

Enjoy a seamless and premium sound experience with V5.0 Bluetooth technology in each earpod. The built-in touch controls make them easy to use and with their robust build quality they’re made to last.
Product size:
Dimension (WHD): 70*26.5*49.5mm
Weight (g): 43
Packaging size:
Dimension: 100*100*38mm
Weight (G.W): 147
WEEE Properties:
WEEE weight (g): 43
Card weight (g): 72
Paper weight (g): 27
Plastic weight (g): 2
Battery: Polymer Li-on
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Frequency range: 2.4 - 2.48GHz
Transmission distance: Up to 10m
Playing time: Up to 6 hrs
Box capacity: 350mAh
Charging time for earbuds: approx 1.5 hrs
Charging time for box: approx. 1.5 hrs
Standby time: Up to 180 hrs
SKU: 813577-product
Release Date: 04/11/2021