Zboard FANG - USB Gaming Keypad (Accessories)

Designed for First/Third Person Shooter and Action games, the FANG provides a better gaming experience, advanced layout and built-in technology advantages. It comes loaded with a selection of mod files for over 70 of today's hottest games.

  • Butterfly Movement Keys
    Enlarged and sloped "butterfly" movement keys that keep fingers comfortable and accurate!
  • Labelled Command Keys
    Commonly used command keys for FPS/Action games are labeled for faster and better performance in game.
  • Dome Shaped Keys
    Unique domed action keys give gamers the responsive feel that they demand.
  • Control Zones
    Players can easily access more critical commands with the one hand control zone.
  • Technological Advantages
    Registers up to 7 simultaneous key-strokes, in comparison to 2-4 on most other keyboards! Jump, move forward, lean left, change weapons and shoot at the same time!
  • Powered by ZEngine™ Technology
    Supplies gamers with pre-defined key layouts (a.k.a. MOD Files) and the ability to easily switch between them for today's top PC gaming titles.

Windows® 64-bit USB drivers available

Technical Data : USB Only

Dimensions : (L x W x H mm) 230x 156x 25 (WITH PAD)

SKU: 198547-product