Xploder V3 Professional - Splinter Cell (Accessories)

Xploder V3 Professional includes exclusively licensed cheats for the Splinter Cell.

  • Next Generation Fluid menu system with a stunning graphical interface and easy to use code entry system
  • Over 3300 cheat codes including exclusive Splinter Cell codes.
  • All new cheats and game enhancements for the latest and greatest games.
  • Enhanced Memory Maxx V2 Memory Card Manager for improved file management over your game saves.
  • Over 150 game save/cheats
  • DVD Region Free software for multi-region playback.
  • The unique Game Accelerator speeds up 50Hz PAL gameplay to the NTSC 60Hz speed.
  • New Style packaging in a DVD case
  • Also includes cheats for: GTA Vice City, The Getaway, Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance and more
SKU: 150383-product