Xploder Cheats System DS/Dsi (Accessories)

Includes exclusive DSi/DS Cartridge cheat/data transfer cable.

Compatible with DSi, DSiXL, DS Lite and DS

Xploder Cheats System allows you to access our online Xploder gamesaves database, which is constantly updated with the latest gamesaves for the coolest games including Professor Layton series, Pokémon, Rhythm Paradise and many more!

Unlock New levels, Unlock Hidden items, Unlock Secrets, Unlock Powers, All Vehicles, Infinite Lives, Infinite Ammunition, Infinite Money, Secret codes, Short cuts and Hints

Instantly updatable: Download gamesaves via Xploder directly to your game cartridge and plug it into your DS or DSi console.

Join thousands of other Xploder community members and share cheats, gamesaves, tips and gaming news!

No need for any fussy or damaging console modifications

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