X-Rocker Control Gaming Chair (Accessories)

  • The X-Rocker gaming chair combines all the functionality of a quality top end gaming chair with a distinctive, Only at GAME, style and design, perfect for any PlayStation fan.
  • Immerse yourself in all your favourite games with the 2.1 Surround Sound Audio system, complete with sub woofer.
  • Connect up to your consoles without any wires thanks to the wireless connectivity of the chair.
The X-Rocker Control Pedestal Gaming Chair is an adult sized chair with all the functionality of a quality top end gaming chair but with a distinctive exclusive style and design.

The X-Rocker Control Gaming Chair is a pedestal gaming chair which links to almost any device with an audio output and has a unique lockable base swivel mechanism which is particularly useful when playing motor racing games.

It comprises black PU with light grey PU centre panel and headrest. It has exclusive to GAME Blue piping around the outside edges and the Pole Position logo stitched on to the headrest under the X-Rocker branding, perfect for any PlayStation fan.

The Control Gaming Chair has silver grey upholstered flip back arms. The chair has an X-Rocker Pro control panel which allows the user to determine the use of the audio volume, sub woofer, vibration and wireless functionality.

  • Vibration
  • 2.1 Surround Sound Audio system
  • Sub Woofer
  • Flip Back Arms
  • X Pro Control Panel
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Weight - 23kg
SKU: 288100-product
Release Date: 01/03/2014