Wrapstar Ollie Blue Skin for PSP (Accessories)

Wrapstar skins are quality vinyl stickers, pre-cut for your games machine. Refresh any old, tired games machine – add a Wrapstar skin to revitalise your machine AND cover any scratches. Customise your machine…show your individuality and differentiate your machine from those of your friends and family.

Protect your machine – the strong cast vinyl will protect your machine from everyday wear and tear.


  • Easily applied.
  • Adhesive backed.
  • Easy to remove – leaving no goo behind when removed.
  • Pre-cut and precision cut for your games machine.
  • No tools required for application.
  • Micro grooved backing – prevents air getting trapped
  • Made from cast vinyl, not cheap calendar vinyl, they are resistant to stretching and fading.
  • The dye used in the printing is resistant to being faded by uv light (i.E. Natural sunlight).
  • Laminated to further protect them from wear and tear, as well as from the destructive nature of uv light.
SKU: 200015-product