World of Warcraft Authenticator (Accessories)

The Authenticator is designed as a supplemental authentication method for your account, giving you the security of Two-Factor authentication.

How to use your Authenticator?

Before you can take advantage of the added security provided by your Authenticator, you must associate your Authenticator with your account.
Please create a account first.

To activate your Authenticator, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Account Management
  2. Click the “Add Authenticator” link
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from Account Management Click the link in this email to proceed to the next step
  4. Enter the 10 digit serial number located on the back of your Authenticator
  5. Click “Attach”
  6. Once the account has been linked, the Authenticator will be required to log into the account or to the games

At login, after you enter the account name and password, you will be prompted to provide the digital code from your Authenticator. You must press the button on your Authenticator and enter the code it displays to complete your login. The digital code is a six-digit numeric code that is produced when you press the button on the front of your Authenticator. Each code is unique and is valid only for one-time use.

Please Note: An authenticator can only be associated with one account at a time.

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