Word Workout (PC)

Great Wall of Words

Embark on an epic journey of word building to repair the wall section-by-section. Fast fingers and a love of words are needed to succeed in this game.

- Classic, Battle and Conquest modes mean that you will always have a new challenge
- Power-ups help to build larger scores
- Find the longest word you can... the longer the word, the higher the score bonus!


If you like wordsearch then you'll love this compilation of over 400 puzzles that can be played on screen or printed out. There's an added twist, as you have to solve crossword style clues to discover the word you need to find. You can even create your own themed wordsearch puzzles.

- A variety of puzzle themes, grid sizes and fun-filled shapes to choose from
- Easy-to-use check list of completed or partially completed puzzles


1,000 unique crosswords in an easy-to-use format, that can be printed out, or completed on screen. Varying difficulty levels make it suitable for beginners, or more advanced players. If you're feeling really competitive, then why not play against friends and family to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest! Hours of challenging word fun!

- Choose the grid size to suit you
- Hint facility to help with single clues to reveal the whole grid
- Help with detecting any mistakes by highlighting the incorrect letters
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