Wolverine - Cable Guy Phone & Controller Holder (Merchandise)

It's the legendary Marvel superhero Wolverine AKA James Logan Howlett. Often seen in association with X-Men and dressed in his signature yellow and blue suit, Wolverine is widely recognised for his natural weaponry, his retractable bone claws.

Possessing heightened senses, our Wolverine Cable Guy can smell, see and hear things at greater distance than of an ordinary human. Run all ya like bub, he loves to hunt.
  • Wolverine phone, remote control and gaming controller stand / holder
  • Compatible with most types of smartphones and console controllers, including the next-gen PlayStation 5 DualSense, Xbox Series S/X and all iPhones
  • Marvel fans, this is the gift for you
  • Officially licensed by Marvel, styled on Wolverine
  • Approx 8.5" tall
  • SKU: 805360-product
    Release Date: 17/05/2021