Wildlife Park Gold (PC)

Wildlife Park Gold Edition uses sophisticated life simulation procedures based on a complex requirement system in order to simulate 45 different species of mammals, reptiles, birds and marine creatures. The animals will only be happy if their enclosures are equipped with everything they need to satisfy their requirements in terms of food, movement and socialization. Otherwise they will become aggressive and endanger the safety of the park and its visitors.

You are about to embark on a career as a manager of a zoological park, where you will have to handle development projects, breeding programs and crisis management jobs all over the world. Just treat the creatures entrusted to you with care and provide them with an environment as natural to them as possible, then you will have a free hand to do as you please.

  • Simulation of the complete ecosystem and infrastructure of a modern outdoor animal park
  • Ingenious life simulation procedures based on a complex requirement system
  • A great range of animal behavior with individual socialization, births and ageing, aggression and trainability
  • Various toys and climbing equipment
  • Free landscape design on various height levels with indigenous plants, bridges and waterfalls
  • Design of water areas with a simulated spread and flow of water
  • Qualified personnel to care for the animals and the park, from animal wardens to veterinarians and much more
  • Active control of the employees with direct commands
SKU: 186857-product
Release Date: 22/12/2006