Why Homefront: The Revolution is skipping older consoles

With Homefront: The Revolution not coming to the last generation of consoles, Crytek discuss some of the difficult decisions they had to make for the game

Homefront: The Revolution and last gen console.

When Crytek unveiled openworld guerilla FPS Homefront: The Revolution earlier this week, it was only announced for the new generation of consoles, despite being a sequel to the 2011 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game. Now the studio has confirmed that the game won't be coming to the older consoles at all.

Speaking with Metro Game Central, designer Fasahat Salim has explained the thinking behind the decision. "We wanted to try and put it on the platforms that we felt could deliver the best experience," he said. "And the amount of stuff going on in this game, the scale at which it’s happening with all of the different systems running behind the scenes, all of these things, and to get a steady 30 frames per second as well... it would have been possible on previous consoles but the thing is it would’ve meant a lot more work and a lot more difficulty."

That difficulty, he reasons, would have impacted the game across the board, resulting in a watered down experience for players on both new and old hardware. "It would’ve potentially slowed us down from working on the next gen," he said. "At Crytek we’ve always tried to get the best out of every platform, but Crysis 2 was our first project on consoles and for us that was a massive learning experience."

"Now with the new consoles we’ve reached a level where our CryEngine is capable of easily translating whatever we’ve built onto all of the platforms that it’s ready for and to get the best out of each of them."

Homefront: The Revolution kicks off in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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