We Love Katamari Reroll + Royal Reverie (Switch)

Everybody loves Katamari!

Players roll back into the Katamari universe to run and collect lots of objects in a classroom, a zoo, the world and space as the pint-sized Prince tasked to restore the twinkle back in the heavens. They can roll by themselves or enter the offline multiplayer mode to roll with a friend and make the biggest Katamari or challenge each other.

This remaster adds new features including five new challenges that will take the players back to the childhood of the King of All Cosmos! They will also be able to take photos with the Selfie Camera and customise their background music playlist with their favourite We Love Katamari tracks.
As the small Prince is entrusted with restoring the sparkle in the heavens, players are rolled back into the Katamari universe where they must run and collect several objects in a classroom, a zoo, the earth, and space. They can choose to roll alone or with a friend in the offline multiplayer mode, competing to make the biggest Katamari.
SKU: 827836-product
Release Date: 02/06/2023