Wasteland 2 coming to retail


Wasteland 2, the RPG reboot that raised almost $3m on Kickstarter, will be getting a boxed retail release, developer inXile has announced.

The game, a long-awaited sequel to the 1988 post-apocalyptic role-player, is a top-down and turn-based game with an emphasis on tactical combat. It takes place in an alternate history setting, where a 1998 nuclear war destroys human civilisation. If that sounds familiar, it's probably because the Fallout series began life as an unofficial follow-up to Wasteland.

The retail version of the game will be published by Deep Silver. The company will also fulfil the delivery of physical rewards to the game's Kickstarter backers, as well as helping to localise the game for various European countries.

"This is a perfect opportunity for inXile," said Brian Fargo, the creator of Wasteland, boss of inXile and creative lead on the sequel. "It allows us to continue to focus all of our energy and money into the creative aspects of the game while letting Deep Silver take our game outside of the pure digital space. This has the added bonus of allowing us to spend more of the Kickstarter funds on development while continue to retain all ownership and control."

Wasteland 2 is expected to reach shop shelves later this year, for PC, Mac and Linux.

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Release Date: 12/07/2013