Wallace & Gromit Complete (PC)

Enter the colourful world of West Wallaby Street in a series of four cracking adventures brought to you by Aardman Animations, the creators of the Wallace & Gromit animated films, and award-winning Telltale Games.

As with the brilliant aardman films, each Wallace & Gromit episode finds the earnest inventor and his faithful canine companion embarking on ambitious new adventures laced with unexpected (and always laugh-inducing) complications. Giant bees, kidnapped dogs, a beach resort in the cellar and the finale at the Prickly Thicket country club. Take the duo through trials and tribulations to set things right by tea time.

Fright of the Bumblebees
Wallace attempts to save his bumbling honey business with supersized flowers. This leads to an unintended consequence – giant bees! It’s up to Gromit to save the town from the angry storm!

The Last Resort
Wallace & Gromit turn their basement into a beach resort when rain derails their holiday plans. After a resort guest gets bonked on the head by an unknown assailant, Gromit and the Deduct-O-Matic machine must solve the case!

Town newcomer Monty Muzzle is holding a fundraiser to rebuild the local dog shelter. Gromit discovers that Muzzle's intentions aren't exactly charitable and he must foil Muzzle's plot and rescue his canine friends.

The Bogey Man
Wallace has been admitted to Prickly Thicket, the oldest country club in Lancashire. Wallace and his faithful caddie Gromit get caught up in a club dispute, then must fight to save all they hold dear!

Included on the Wallace and Gromit Complete Collection Disc:

  • All four games from Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures
  • Aardman Animations 10 Cracking Contraptions shorts
  • Trailers and behind the scenes videos from the game season
  • Full gallery of images from the game production
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Release Date: 04-Nov-11