Video Game Valley Puzzle (Puzzles and Board Games)

Find the video games while you build the puzzle.

Everyone loves a jigsaw. The only problem is that once you’re done, it’s game over. But not here – this puzzle comes with an extra life! In Video Game Valley, history’s greatest games have taken over and are hiding as 101 riddles for you to find while you build.

Armed with a handy checklist to tick off those cryptic computer games, your task is to build the puzzle, spot the clues and work out the title behind each one. It’s time to power up and get that ‘high score’!
Jigsaw puzzles are quite popular. The only drawback is that the game is over after you finish. But not here, as this puzzle has an additional life! The greatest video games in history have taken over Video Game Valley and are hidden as 101 puzzles for you to solve while you construct.
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Release Date: 24/04/2023