Vegas Make it Big (PC)

Develop a small gambling den into a second-to-none complex and resortcentre, using all the skill, knowledge and management skill you possiblycan. On the living, breathing and evolving Las Vegas Strip, you will findcustomers notoriously difficult to satisfy – to please them you must delivera huge range of exciting attractions, all designed to bring you maximummoney.

Competition is tough out on the strip, can you win the hearts and wallets ofVegas?


  • Create and control one or more resort complexes on the Las Vegas Strip.Compete with up to 8 rival complexes for the biggest slice of financialpie.
  • Build a whole range of attractions including hotels, casinos, bars &clubs, rides, stage shows – even eye catching fountains and grand fireworkdisplays!
  • View and manage the interior and exterior of your fabulous complex.
  • Comprehensive resort management gameplay, combined with an easy-to-masteruser interface, allows you to create the perfect Vegas paradise in no time
  • 6000 unique guests, all with their own needs, wishes and budget.
  • Game options – play the game you want by adjusting goals, competitors anddifficulty
  • Upload/download expansions for your game
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Release Date: 17/10/2003