Vampire Saga:Pandora's Box (PC)

Dive deep into an age-old mystery!

Stealing aboard an old cargo ship to escape the violence of war, you suddenly pass out. When you wake up, you find yourself alone with several sinister-looking coffins. Where did the crew of the Pandora go? Why are you having strange visions? And why do you feel like you're being watched? You'll answer these and other questions as you explore eerie locations, search for hidden objects and follow a story full of nerve-tingling encounters. With atmospheric music and immersive sound effects, this captivating mystery thriller will give you the creeps!


  • Explore spooky beautifully illustrated locations
  • Hundreds of hidden objects to find
  • Gripping mini-games
  • Uncover lots of unexpected secrets
  • A surprise ending!
SKU: 221581-product
Release Date: 04/06/2010