Explore Exciting Environments: Explore jungles caves rock formations Paradise Falls and Muntz's blimp while avoiding dangerous plants and animals along the trailBattle Beasts & Villains: Compete in aerial dogfight flight combat evade villainous dogs in dog chases take part in large boss fights with exotic animals like Crocodiles Anacondas & Jaguars and battle the villainous Muntz in the final levelMultiplayer Through the Entire Game: Play by yourself or with a friend in this 2 player co-op gameOvercome Obstacles & Conquer the Environment: Rock formations dizzying heights raging rivers and the weather challenge progress while you move rocks jump on teeter-totters & swing from vines to move aheadCollection Adventures: Upgrade Russell's merit badges & complete Carl's adventure book unlock content and upgrades when you collect them all.
SKU: 217974-product
Release Date: 02/10/2009