Unstoppable Gorg (PC)

Tremble under the powerful might of the 'Unstoppable Gorg', an advanced alien race that runs circles around your inferior earth technology! Our spaceships will destroy your expansion across the galaxy! But if you insist on putting up a fight a few words of advice; spend your earth monies wisely, and move your satellite defences around orbits to attempt to thwart our relentless waves of battleships! An alien race is steadily approaching and plotting to destroy us, it's time for you to take action!

  • Tower defence game with a twist!
  • Satellites can be moved around a planets orbit!
  • Fight the Gorg over 40 challenging levels!
  • Cut scenes inspired by 1950's sci-fi B-Movies!
SKU: 246333-product
Release Date: 19/01/2012