Undercover: Operation Wintersun (PC)

Manufacturer's DescriptionIt is 1943. Hitler's Germany is performing scientific research on Nuclear Fission intending to produce nuclear energy as well as nuclear weaponry. In Undercover: Operation Wintersun players slip into the role of British scientist Dr. John Russell. Hired by Britain's Secret Service MI6 you must serve your country the Crown and the World by undertaking this most dangerous mission to prevent the Nazis from building a devastating bomb.Product Features * Astonishingly detailed cinematics create an immersive experience * Mouse driven 3D real-time characters make it simple to navigate * Highly detailed and realistic graphics combine with a captivating plot sure to engage players * Intuitive user interface and sharp observation skills enable players to solve a multitude of challenging puzzles * Compelling WWII theme has never been explored so deeply in any other Adventure game
SKU: 199122-product
Release Date: 13/09/2007