Ubisoft talks clan options in The Division

Massive online tactical shooter The Division will have some of the most robust and unlimited clan options ever seen in a console game, Ubisoft has suggested.

The game, which is part of the Tom Clancy franchise, casts players as members of an elite clean-up crew trying to rebuild the world after a possible bio-terrorism attack, spread by infected dollar bills, knocks America off its feet in just one week. You'll start in New York, but it's an open world game, with a heavy emphasis on both co-operative play and PVP multiplayer.

“The structure that we built for the game so far is that there is a story, but it’s not a linear story,” Ubisoft's Fredrik Rundqvist told VG247. “So you need to explore the world and pick out pieces and bricks of the story everywhere. And on the way, doing that, you will also encounter other content and other dynamic encounters and missions. Obviously, if you play with other real players, that’s dynamic in itself. You never know how that will play out. We designed the game to be endless gameplay. It’s hundreds, if not thousands of hours of gameplay that we hope people will enjoy.”

In keeping with that, Ubisoft has now told IGN that you'll be able to set up your own clan and invite as many players as you like to join you, thanks to “a very extensive web-based clan support system”.

The Division is set for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in late 2014. Following fan petitions, Ubisoft has admitted it is considering bringing the game to PC as well.

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Release Date: 01/07/2013