Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Wheel for Xbox/PC (Xbox Series X)

Shift into a new level of realism with the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Wheel & Pedal System engineered for high-fidelity racing simulation performance on Xbox consoles & Windows PCs.

The K: Drive force feedback motor delivers ultra-realistic force, and Dynamic Brake Tek load-cell brakes provide true-to-life braking performance.

Monitor real-time race telemetry data and customize controls using the Race Management Display and for even more customization, the VelocityOne Control Unit has additional remappable buttons.

Plus, you can use the Tuner companion app to remap controls and make performance adjustments.

Designed for ultimate racing immersion VelocityOne Race also has Mag-Shift paddle shifters, a hand-stitched leather wheel, aluminum pedal set and race-inspired controls

Authentic, Complete Setup
For drivers that want to lead the pack, the VelocityOne Race system delivers superb performance with an authentic design.

Ultra-Realistic, K: Drive Force Feedback Motor
Feel every moment of a race with a custom 7.2Nm direct-drive force feedback motor tuned for high-fidelity kinetic response.

Smooth, Mag-Shift Paddles
Two Mag-Shift paddle shifters allow you to glide through the gears in any vehicle, with smooth, reliable shifting. 
Plus, two additional analog paddles provide precise clutch and handbrake control.

Race Management Display
Advanced digital dashboard for real-time race telemetry, full customization, and integration with popular racing titles* to maximize immersion and improve performance.
*Game support dependent on developer integration. See compatibility list for regular updates.

Customizable Pedal Set
Experience ultimate racing immersion with a fully adjustable throttle, brake, and clutch pedal set that you can dial-in to your exact preferences.

Tuned, Load-Cell Braking System

Dynamic Brake Tek load-cell braking system are designed to perform under pressure, with braking performance measured by the force you apply to the pedal, and not the distance the pedal travels.

VelocityOne Control Unit
The detachable VelocityOne Control Unit (VCU) is built with a modular design and provides easy access to critical car systems and setting adjustments.

Premium, Racing-Grade Materials
A hand-stitched leather steering wheel, aluminum throttle, clutch and brake pedal assembly, and performance car-inspired controls bring the racetrack realism to your home setup.

VelocityOne Tuner Companion App
Download the Tuner app to your Xbox console, PC, iOS, or Android smartphone to adjust product performance, make updates, and download any future expansion content.

Versatile Mounting Solutions
A low-profile mounting clamp or pre-drilled holes and screws keeps your wheel secure at full torque, and adhesive rubber pads ensure the pedals stay firmly planted on any floor surface.

Turtle Beach Audio Tuning
Select from five different audio presets including Superhuman Hearing or create and save your own custom preset to dial in audio to your exact preference.

Multiplatform Compatibility
VelocityOne Race is officially licensed for Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One and works great with your favorite racing titles on Windows 10 & 11 PCs.
SKU: 838818-product
Release Date: 08/03/2024