Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightdeck for PC (PC)

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightdeck is a premium simulation HOTAS system for Windows 10 & 11 PCs, designed for enthusiasts who demand the best.

Inspired by advanced spacecraft and state of the art jet fighters to provide the ultimate HOTAS experience for all major combat simulation titles with the future in mind.

Comprehensive controls including 15 axes and 139 programmable functions keep you immersed in the action, with your hands on the controls. 

World’s first Flight Touch Display, and an OLED Head Up Display deliver unprecedented levels of performance optimization, and product customization.

Plus, the Flight Hangar app for desktop provides even more product customization and RGB lighting adjustment.
Innovative Flight Touch Display
The world’s first Flight Touch Display combines real-time sim status indication with advanced customization with up to 39 extra button functions set to your configuration.

Customizable OLED HUD
The full-color Head Up Display (HUD) provides access to diagnostics and performance adjustments, allowing you to effortlessly tweak your setup on-the-fly.

Comprehensive, Complete Design
Flightdeck is comprised of two individual USB-connected devices with a complete set of controls for precision dogfights in the air or navigating in six degrees of freedom in space.

Long-Lasting, Precise Hall-Effect Controls
Designed to deliver high-precision, accuracy with durable performance, all main movement controls on the stick and throttle are built using hall-effect non-contact sensors.

Combat-Ready Modular Stick
Complete with exhaustive controls at your fingertips, and unprecedented customization & product performance adjustments, you’ll have tactical superiority in any situation.

139 Programmable Buttons

Equipped with programmable buttons within easy reach on the throttle & stick modules and built into the Flight Touch Display, Flightdeck gives you endless customization options to suit every user’s preference.

Adjustable Stick Height
Designed to accommodate all hand sizes, the height of the stick is fully height adjustable to dial in the perfect fit.

Pro-Aim Focus Mode
Adjust main stick sensitivity for accurate enemy targeting and precise control of landings.

6th-Gen Fighter Inspired Throttle Module

Dual levers include lock switch and haptic detents for effortless multi-engine control.

Adjustable Throttle Detents
Customize your own haptic throttle detent response using the Flight Touch Display. Tune reverse thrust, afterburner, or star drive actuation points to suit your preference or game.

Turtle Beach Audio Advantage
Connect any 3.5mm headset and take advantage of proven Turtle Beach audio functions like Superhuman Hearing®, EQ modes, mic monitoring and game and chat balance.

Adjustable RGB Lighting
Whether playing in low light conditions or trying to match the color of your favorite aircraft, you’ll have access to multiple RGB lighting zone adjustments.

Flight Hangar App

The Flight Hangar app for Windows PCs gives you ultimate access to product performance & customization features.

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Release Date: 13/02/2024