Tt eSPORTS Challenger Gaming Keyboard (Accessories)

Take your gaming to new heights with the Tt eSPORTS Challenger Gaming Keyboard

USB 2.0 port
Provide easy usage of other USB peripherals.

Macro Keys
Program the combined actions in a quick T button to make a move ahead of other gamers

Multimedia Keys
Instant access to multimedia function for quick audio control

32kb On Board Memory
Storage of up to 18 macro keys for action; shooting; RPG; strategy games

On Board Profile Switch
On board profile switch to engage for instant game changes

Fan Device
Cooling Fan not only keeps your hand dry and provides comfortable gaming experience

Windows Dummy Keycaps
Enclosed with two Windows keys to disable the function; prevent from jumping out of the game by accident

Smart Cable Management
Protects cable from damage of improper use
SKU: 260649-product
Release Date: 01-May-13