Trust GXT 611 Wezz Illuminated 2.0 RGB Speaker Set (PC)

That’s lit
The GXT 611 Wezz speaker set features RGB LED illumination, with different light modes that reacts to your music’s rhythm. That’s right – you’ll see sound. Superpowers, much?

You’re the boss
An easy-to-reach wired knob lets you adjust power, volume, and lights, so you’re always in complete control.

Go all-in
Enjoy good-quality audio with 12W peak power (6W RMS) that immerses you in movies, music, games – or whatever else you’re doing.

USB cool, man
Just plug into a USB port, power up, and start listening – no setup (or power socket) necessary.
Key features
  • Stereo speakers with 12W peak power (6W RMS) - for good personal sound
  • Fully RGB illuminated fronts, with different light modes; giving sound the look it deserves
  • Pulsating LED illumination reacts to the rhythm of your music
  • Easy reachable wired knob for power, volume, and lights, so you’re always in control
  • Front metal grilles provide extra protection and durability
  • USB-powered – no wall power necessary
  • SKU: 822674-product
    Release Date: 11/11/2022