Trust GXT 609 Zoxa RGB LED Speaker Set (PC)


Enjoy an immersive audio experience with 12W peak power (6W RMS), whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, playing games – whatever.

Minimalist to the max
A compact, minimalist design gives your setup a sleek, uncluttered look, so you can focus on your sound in style.

One for all
A 3.5mm aux cable provides easy plug-and-play compatibility with any PC or laptop.

No wall plug necessary – the speakers power-up as soon as your turn on your computer.

Bright notes
Adjustable RGB lighting in 6 modes keeps things exciting, active, and engaging as you dive into your entertainment.

Key Features:
  • Stereo speakers with 12W peak power (6W RMS)
  • Choose between 6 modes of RGB lighting
  • Stylish, minimalistic design to fit modern desks
  • Easy to reach volume control buttons and power button
  • No wall plug needed; turns on automatically when switching on your PC
  • SKU: 839658-product
    Release Date: 09/03/2024