TriFold Game Card Holder for Switch - Sonic Kick (Switch)

The officially licensed PowerA TriFold Game Card Holder for Nintendo Switch lets you carry up to 24 of your favorite games in a stylish retro wallet design that fits in PowerA’s full-size Protection Cases.

The elastic game card slots keep your games secure and the included micro SD card insert let’s you store up to two micro SD cards. The included ID card lets you personalize your game card holder and original designs featuring popular characters can accommodate any gamers style.
Bring your Games Along
Storage for up 24 Game Cards or use the included dual microSD card holder to store up to 2 micro SD cards in a Game Card slot.

Iconic Designs
Carry your games around in a stylishly designed hook-and-loop holder featuring characters from your favorite video games.

Personalize your Storage
Includes an ID card to personalize your Game Card Holder and allow your games to be returned to you if lost.
SKU: 837727-product