Traitors Card Game (Puzzles and Board Games)

Work together to build up a communal prize pot of gold, whilst trying to survive the nightly murders and banishments, to claim the prize.

Players are secretly allocated their roles of either Faithful or Traitor. The Faithful must correctly identify and banish all the Traitors in their midst to win the Gold, whereas the Traitors need to remain undetected until the round ends to take the prize pot!

Use the digital functionality to immerse yourself in the tension and excitement when the Night cards are drawn. Secretly nominate and reveal those who are murdered, vote to banish at the round table with the virtual chalkboard, or feel the relief when you discover there will be no murder or banishment on a given night. All to the soundtrack of the show!
Discover the shield cards to defend yourself from murder and use the dagger cards to gain insight. The player with the most gold coins after all rounds have been played wins. Note: The game can be played with or without digital functionality as preferred.
SKU: 833726-product
Release Date: 04/08/2023