Toy Story 1:24 Scale RC Turbo Buggy With Buzz (Merchandise)

Bonnie’s new toy Forky has run away and Woody has gone after him, but he needs you and Buzz Lightyear to help!

Buzz has strapped himself onto RC Buggy and is ready to speed through the streets to find Forky and Woody and bring them back to Bonnie.

This 2-channel radio-controlled RC Buzz Buggy has full directional movement and has a Turbo Speed function so you can blaze past Gabby Gabby and her army of puppets. To infinity and beyond!
  • Fully functional with left, right, forwards and backwards manoeuvrability
  • Buzz Lightyear non posable and non-removable figure attached to RC Buggy
  • Use the Turbo Speed Function to increase the speed of the RC car
  • 2 channel frequency, 2.4 GHz
  • 1:24 scale, appx 17cm length
  • Official Toy Story 4 licensed Woody RC Buggy radio-controlled car
  • SKU: 825288-product
    Release Date: 19/10/2022