Tortuga - Pirates of the New World (PC)

Experience the huge world of "Tortuga", with its 16 very different scenarios either as a buccaneer in service of his Majesty or as a feared pirate. Your riches will expand through successful piracy, theft of ships, plundering of towns or completion of missions from the town governments.

But make haste, and be wary of the treachery and mutiny that can reduce all of that to nothing.

The entire game world is filled with traders, pirates and buccaneers, as well as huge transport convoys. All you have to do is select the right targets and adversaries. Be careful though, lest the hunter become the hunted...

Processor - Pentium II 450 MHz
RAM - 64Mb
Graphics - 16Mb 3D Accelerated (DirectX8.1 compatible)
Other - DirectX 9.1 compatible Graphics, Microsoft compatible mouse, DirectX compatible soundcard
System - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Processor - Pentium III 900 MHz
RAM - 128Mb
Graphics - 32Mb 3D Accelerated (DirectX8.1 compatible)
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Release Date: TBD