Top Gun: Hard Lock (PC)

Take an adrenaline-fuelled flight in to the Danger Zone, tail-gaiting MiGs at mach 2.

Top Gun is a rollercoaster of a flight game with the flair of a modern day cinematic blockbuster! An intense action game bringing the Top Gun brand spiralling in to the now.


  • Substantial single player campaign: 15 different missions, 2 additional single player modes
  • Online multiplayer for up to 16 players: 2 competitive multiplayer game modes
  • In-game multiplayer for up to 4 players: 3 Co-operative multiplayer game modes
  • 21 Different planes: 14 are playable
  • 9 Licensed planes: 7 licensed planes are playable
  • Hard Lock Mode: Cinematic one on one dog fighting
  • Licensed music: Top Gun Anthem and Danger Zone
SKU: 242469-product
Release Date: Mar-14