Tony Tough and the Night of the Roasted Moths (PC)

  • 61 levels, 45 characters, and a bonus level
  • 2D point-and-click interface and non-linear plot
  • Logic puzzles and literally thousands of possible dialogue options
For ten years, diminutive private detective Tony Tough has been chasing down the mystery behind stolen Halloween candy. Now his purple companion, a tapir named Pentagruel, has apparently been kidnapped by the psychopathic candy-stealer, and it's up to you to help solve the case in Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths, a 2D point-and-click animated adventure. The non-linear plot contains 61 levels, 45 characters, a bonus level, and 95 available save slots. Night of Roasted Moths offers two difficulty settings, easy and advanced, with the former containing several pre-solved puzzles. Having failed in his dream to marry Yoko Ono and become an NBA star, Tony concentrates his efforts on solving logic puzzles and interacting with characters through a system involving a vast dialogue tree, descriptions, messages and inscriptions. Game options include adjustments for movement speed, length of time dialogue is displayed, and a hidden or pop-up inventory, as well as the capability to play in "sepia" mode to simulate old-time movie effects.
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