Tonka Steel Classic Car Transport (Childrens Toys)

Introducing the Tonka Steel Classic Car Carrier toy, where imagination meets heavy-duty playtime fun! This iconic toy is designed to transport little ones into a world of thrilling adventures on wheels. The Car Carrier features a rugged steel construction, built to withstand even the most enthusiastic play. With its vibrant yellow  and realistic detailing, it captures the essence of a real-life car transporter, igniting the imagination of budding truck drivers and car enthusiasts.

This classic toy comes equipped with a detachable trailer that can hold up to four mini vehicles, allowing kids to load and unload their favourite cars with ease. The trailer's sturdy ramps ensure smooth transportation, adding an extra touch of realism to the play experience. The cab of the truck features a moving carrier bed, enabling kids to simulate the process of delivering their fleet of cars to exciting destinations.

Perfectly sized for little hands, the Tonka Steel Classic Car Carrier encourages fine motor skills, imaginative storytelling, and creative play. Whether it's embarking on a cross-country road trip or organizing a car show, children will delight in the endless possibilities this toy offers. With its durable construction and timeless design, the Tonka Steel Classic Car Carrier is ready to withstand hours of play and become a cherished addition to any child's toy collection.

Featuring authentic detailing and the classic Tonka-yellow colouring we all know and love, this car carrier is sure to provide endless hours of imaginative play for kids of all ages.

Built to last with high-quality, COLD-ROLLED STEEL construction

LARGE Car Carrier
Holds up to 4 Mini Vehicles

With its sturdy design and rugged tires, this toy tractor can handle any terrain, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

Tonka is the rite of passage playtime that carries meaning, creates memories and is built to withstand the toughest of play.
SKU: 829417-product
Release Date: 17/03/2023