Tomb Raider Achievements revealed

The Achievements for the Xbox 360 edition of Lara Croft reboot Tomb Raider have scrambled into the wild, giving us a glimpse at what the game might demand from us.

Exploration thankfully seems to be very much on the cards, with 160 Gamerscore set aside for tracking down documents, relics and GPS signals, as well as salvaging and looting items. Both Lara's abilities and weapons will be upgradeable, with Achievements on offer for maxing out each. You'll also be rewarded for taking down various types of animals.

The game finds a young Lara stranded on an island populated by grizzled pirates, and she won't be leaving without getting some blood on her hands. There's Gamerscore set aside for head shots, kills with different weapon types as well as stealth takedowns, finishing moves and incapacitating attacks.

A full quarter of the game's Achievements are set aside for the new multiplayer mode. You'll need to reach Level 60 in the ranking system to unlock all of those, although there are no Achievements that require you to win a ridiculous number of matches, thank goodness.

Tomb Raider is out on March 5th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Release Date: 21/01/2013