TMNT Mini Ninja Stretch Figures (Assortment) (Childrens Toys)

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It’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Stretch Turtles! You can bend them, stretch them, fling them, and twist them in every way!

Made of a Mutagen Ooze material that has mutated the Turtle Brothers into the super flexible ninjas, there are no limits to what they can take on.

Guess you could call Leonardo a flexible team leader!

Now Donatello can flex more than just his brain!

Mikey can even reach that pizza at the other end of the table!

Now Raph can flex his muscles like never before! Can you collect all four?

PLEASE NOTE: This product is part of an assortment and will be picked at random when shipped.
Key Features:
  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY: Ninja Stretch figures stand at 2.65-Inches inches tall and are made from the stretchiest mutagen material you’ve ever seen
  • FLING FIGHT: Stretch and fling them into battle and watch him take out anyone in his path
  • BOUNCE BACK: No matter how far you stretch them or how small you squish them, they will return to their original size and shape
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Team up all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Stretch Turtles for super-stretchy fun
  • SKU: 830203-product
    Release Date: 25/06/2023