Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 Pro Controller ELDEN RING (Xbox Series X)

Inspired by the legendary artifacts of the Lands Between, ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING has been forged for all gamers determined to venture into the Land of Shadow. Tarnished, prepare to transcend the limits of your quest with ESWAP X2, officially licensed by ELDEN RING.

The ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING gamepad adapts to your gaming preferences, for customized control and handling. Thanks to Hot-Swap technology, you can change the gamepad's modules in a flash, at any time. Choose the build that suits you best! REACT INSTANTLY
You'll instantly be won over by the exceptional responsiveness of the mechanical buttons, besting the speed of traditional membrane-based buttons by 64%*. Feel the responsiveness of every dodge and parry, thanks to an activation distance reduced to just 0.01"" / 0.3 mm.
*Tested in laboratory conditions

Clashes in Elden Ring are formidable in their complexity. With that in mind, we've equipped ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING with two S5 NXG mini sticks, responding to your every move. These unbelievably precise weapons let you to carry out surgical attacks, dodge fatal blows and cast spells with divine precision.

Free yourself from the limitations of traditional gamepad buttons and vastly increase your action options with ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING. You can directly remap any function to one of the 4 additional buttons on the back of the gamepad. Optimize your gaming style with a full arsenal of buttons, to confront the challenges of the Land of Shadow.

Take control of your gamepad thanks to the ability to fully configure ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING's sensitivity levels and settings. With the ThrustmapperX software, you're free to customize the sensitivity levels of the mini-sticks, as well as the activation travel for the triggers, and remap all of the gamepad's buttons — to adapt them to your preferences and your build.
ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING Thrustmaster – Official ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Modular Gamepad for Xbox Series X/S and PC

About the product: 
Don't give your enemies a chance, Tarnished. Take control of ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING and feel the power of next-level responsiveness in every move, thanks to mechanical buttons with activation travel of just 0.01"" / 0.3 mm. Set out to conquer the Lands Between with the assurance that every move will be executed to perfection, thanks to the S5 NXG mini-sticks.
Tailor the gamepad to your build with Hot-Swap technology, allowing you to change its physical configuration without any tools and opening up unlimited module replacement possibilities. Embrace your destiny and triumph in the dangerous realms of the Land of Shadow with ESWAP X2 ELDEN RING.

Key points:
  • OFFICIAL ELDEN RING: Officially licensed ELDEN RING gamepad, compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows
  • TAILORED TO YOUR BUILD: Modular gamepad featuring Hot-Swap technology, allowing you to change and replace modules without any tools
  • REACT INSTANTLY: Mechanical buttons 64% faster than standard membrane-based buttons, with an activation distance reduced to 0.01"" / 0.3 mm
  • TRIUMPH WITH UNSTOPPABLE STRIKES: Equipped with two reinforced S5 NXG mini-stick modules, renowned among gamers for their surgical precision
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR ARSENAL OF SKILLS: 4 additional buttons on the back of ESWAP X2, remappable directly via the gamepad itself
  • UNLEASH YOURSELF: Physical locking latches for the LT/RT triggers, for faster activation of in-game attacks
  • OFFICIAL ELDEN RING GAMEPAD: Colors of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
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    Release Date: 06/09/2024