Three Wise Words (Puzzles and Board Games)

JOLLY, BEARD, CHRISTMAS: In this family party game, your teammate must write down three clues for you. Can you guess what their Secret Word might be?

WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER TEAMS: Everyone else will be trying to second-guess which clues you’ll get given. If they predict correctly, they’ll steal your points - so don’t be too obvious!

BIG FLOCKS ARE WELCOME: If you’ve got a big crowd for family game night, look no further. The more people playing, the better.

IT’S A REAL HOOT: Whenever you successfully guess the Secret Word, move your owl piece along the board. First owl to reach the finish line, wins!

EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: One of the only family games for kids, adults and owls alike.

Best played with 4 or more players, aged 10 and up.
CHRISTMAS, JOLLY, BEARD: Your buddy must write down three hints for you in this family party game. Can you figure out what their Secret Word is?

BEWARE OF THE OTHER TEAMS: Everyone else will be speculating on which hints you'll receive. They'll steal your points if they forecast properly, so don't be too apparent!

FLOCKS OF ALL SIZE ARE WELCOME: Look no farther if you're planning a huge family game night. The more players there are, the better.

IT'S AN EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY: Move your owl piece along the board whenever you correctly guess the Secret Word. The owl who reaches the finish line first wins!

QUICK TO LEARN, EASY TO PLAY: One of the few games that may be enjoyed by children, adults, and owls equally.
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Release Date: 21/01/2022