Thief reboot will be tough, not fiddly

Eidos is reviving the hugely popular stealth series Thief, but in bringing the PC cult classic to consoles it's aware that the difficulty must come from game design rather than complicated controls.

The earlier games were somewhat notorious for their extravagant keyboard maps, with multiple keys just for peering around corners in different ways. That won't be the case in the new game, Eidos Montreal's Daniel Windfeld Schmidt has told CVG.

"Today's gamers are a lot less patient," he explains. "They expect a lot more from the developers in terms of features and so on. Even for menus that are easy to use. For a lot of things that weren't as extensively developed back in the day. For example: control inputs."

"They had all these things that were very complex and it worked for the hardcore gamers, but a lot of people backed off early on because it was very difficult. So our focus has been to say, ‘we want the same amount of challenge, but within the game and not within the inputs.' I don't personally have the patience to learn the super, super old games and all their fidelities and hard-learned lessons. I want it to be more streamlined."

Thief is being developed for PC and next generation consoles, and will be released in 2014.

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Release Date: 05/04/2013