The Tate Gallery is now offering Minecraft maps

The Tate Gallery is now offering Minecraft maps


The prestigious Tate Gallery is the latest to realise the artistic power of video games. The organisation, which has globally respected galleries in London and Liverpool, has teamed up with some of the world's best Minecrafters to create Tate Worlds.

This is an initiative that allows people to explore famous paintings and sculptures by recreating them in 3D in special Minecraft maps. “Tate Worlds are exciting Minecraft ‘maps’ that present virtual environments inspired by artworks from Tate’s collection,” says the gallery chain. “The maps allow players of Minecraft to explore a range of paintings and sculpture, undertaking various activities and challenges that relate to the themes of the artworks, or exploring how they were made.”

The first two PC maps are available already for free from the Tate website, and offer the chance to step inside two paintings of famous cities, Andre Derain’s 1906 The Pool of London, and Christopher Nevinson’s 1920 Soul of the Soulless City, which depicts New York.

The project was put together by Minecraft artist Adam Clarke, with mapmaker Dragnoz and builders Kupo, Featherblade and Tewkesape.

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Release Date: 27/11/2014