The Settlers VI: Rise of an Empire (PC)

Can you become a legendary king or queen?

Start with a small settlement and build up flourishing towns filled with lovingly animated Settlers going about their daily business. Use diplomacy to expand your empire, but make sure you build walls to protect your citizens from enemy attacks. With an easy-to-follow in-game tutorial and a gentle learning curve to ensure long-lasting fun, this is the best Settlers game yet!


  • Create big, bustling medieval cities in a highly detailed world.
  • Build a strong economy by gathering resources and employing Settlers wisely.
  • Single player campaign, freeplay mode, multiplayer options and map editor.
  • Four climate zones - seasonal and weather changes will affect the way you play.
  • NEW! Male and female settlers can fall in love and marry.
SKU: 222285-product
Release Date: 23/04/2010