The Mystery Novel (PC)

Learn the dark secret behind a notorious murder in this Hidden-Object investigation
At the grand opening of a brand new prison, Mayor Lambert is assassinated! The killer is soon after put to death, but during the execution the electric chair causes a fire in the prison, burning the new building to the ground. As the new Crime Editor of the City Time paper, it's up to you to solve the mysterious circumstances behind the fire.

Search creepy locations, including the burned prison, for clues and items that will help reveal the truth. Solve clever puzzles, play inventive mini-games like memory and spot-the-difference, and discover the truth behind an ancient amulet in Mystery Novell

  • Hundreds of hidden-objects to search for
  • A new sensational investigation of Michael Jennings!
  • An exciting detective story
  • Clever puzzles and interesting mini-games
  • Great graphics and music
SKU: 248601-product
Release Date: 29-Aug-12