The Moment of Silence (PC)

Please note: This is a DVD-ROM only title, and will not work with CD-ROM drives.

Step into the world shoes of Peter Wright, a communications designer working on the Governments Freedom of Speech campaign. When his neighbours apartment is stormed by a NYPD SWAT team late one night, Peter is drawn into a nightmare world of corruption, power and global domination.

The game blends fully-rendered, animated backdrops created by award-winning CG artists, with a traditional adventure interface to bring you one of the most dramatic and visually stunning adventures ever made. The epic storyline, high production value and fascinating visions of the future rival cinemas greatest thrillers.

Brought to you on DVD-ROM, the disc contains more than eight hours of professional voice talent for the numerous characters you'll meet throughout the game. Devious puzzles, multiple dialogue choices and incredible action sequences create an absorbing adventure which is both gripping and challenging.


  • Absolutely unique, highly immersive espionage thriller.
  • Multiple choice player dialogue.
  • Spectacular set pieces and dramatic action sequences.
  • Over 75 rendered and animated locations designed by award-winning CG artists.
  • More than 500 interactive screens.
  • Over 35 professionally voiced, lip-synched characters.
  • Intuitive, mouse-driven player interface.
SKU: 176507-product
Release Date: 05/11/2004